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Interview with Trust (from Sounds Like Teen Spirit) - April 30th, 2009

Promoting: Sounds Like Teen Spirit (sort of)
Venue: The Rhythm Factory (following gig for East End Film Festival Closing Night screening of Sounds Like Teen Spirit)
Interview type: One-on-four

Trust (l-r): Eva Storme, Mirek Coutigny, Matthieu Renier and Laurens Platteeuw

ViewLondon (VL): How did the gig go?

Mirek: It was great! It was our best gig ever.

Matthieu: The crowd were amazing!

Eva: It was also the first time we played our own songs in a concert.

VL: The film says that you've recorded an album. Is that true?

Mirek: Yes, I think it's finished now.

VL: How did you form the band?

Mirek: Well, me and Matthieu and Eva were all in the same class at school, so we started it in school and then Laurens just sort of invited himself into the band.

Laurens: It's true.

VL: How many times have you seen the film now?

Eva: This was the second time, for all of us.

VL: Did it make you cry?

Eva: Yes!

VL: Did you cry more or less the second time?

Matthieu: More, I think.

Mirek: I was crying with laughter, because Laurens is so brilliantly stupid in it.

VL: Do you have a favourite part of the film?

Matthieu: I think all the scenes with Laurens are so funny – they're all my favourites.

VL: I gather you're all big Spinal Tap fans?

Laurens: Me, Mirek and Matthieu are – we love it. Eva hasn't seen it.

Eva: I've seen some of it. I don't like it as much as you do.

VL: Are you still in touch with Giorgos, Mariam and Marina?

Laurens: Yes. We stay in touch via MSN chat. They are all doing well and they're very happy the film is coming out.

Eva: We are still in touch with Bab, too.

VL: Eva, the film makes quite a lot of your search for “a cute boy”. Did you find one?

Eva: Yes, I did! He's here somewhere.

VL: The film was made two years ago. Why don't any of you look any older?

Eva: I don't know. It's strange. I think we are just lucky.

Video of Trust performing at The Rhythm Factory.

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