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Interview with Julie Delpy - June 7th, 2007

Promoting: Two Days In Paris
Venue: Chesterfield Hotel
Interview type: One-on-one

ViewLondon (VL): How difficult was it to put the film together, because obviously you’re doing pretty much everything yourself: writing, directing, editing, composing and acting?

Julie Delpy (JD): Well, it was quite hard to get money from anyone. Luckily the producer believed in the film like crazy and that really made the film happen. Basically every day we had the news that we were getting no money and we ended up with very little to make the film, but even though we didn’t even have enough to finish the film, we shot it and then the producer was able to find a company that lent us money to finish it. But what was great was that no-one was in the film for the money and they all worked their asses off.

VL: You cast a lot of friends and family in the film. Were they encouraged to improvise at all? What kind of direction did you give them?

JD: You know, originally I wanted to improvise quite a lot of the film and then as I met Adam a few times, I realised it wasn’t going the direction I really wanted for the film. And then when I told my parents about the film they said “We don’t want to improvise a word. We’re actors, we need scenes.” So I started writing the film and ended up with 110 pages of screenplay, basically the whole film. There’s a few little chunks that are improvised, but it’s funny because people don’t know, because it seems almost more staged than the other stuff. Just little chunks like the gallery, but not the whole gallery, just little chunks.

VL: Adam Goldberg is fantastic in the film and I gather you wrote the part especially for him. What was it about him that made you want to use him in the film?

JL: Well, he’s the sad clown, kind of thing. It’s like the sadder and more upset he looks, the more people are hitting him on the head, the funnier he looks. And he has great comic timing and I wanted someone who looked funny when they were upset. But he resisted a lot of the comedy stuff – he didn’t want to be jealous, he was like “How could I be jealous of these guys? I mean, look at me…”

VL: The script is excellent. The arguments are very believable, much more so than in any relationship comedy I can really think of.

JD: Well, I’ve argued a lot in my relationships (laughs). And I’ve witnessed a lot of arguments too.

VL: How much of it was drawn from actual arguments you’d had?

JD: Well, you know what it’s like when you’re a writer, you’re in the middle of breaking up with someone and you’re like, “Ooh, good line”. It’s like the pathetic side of being a writer, you never really stop observing, even yourself. Some of it is taken from other people but you know, in the story, it can be totally fantasy and made-up things, but I like to take the dialogue from real things.

VL: What have you got coming up next?

JD: I have The Countess, that I wrote. It’s a drama – it has nothing to do with comedy, hopefully. It’s about murder, cruelty and power and destruction. It’s very, very dark. So that’s my next film that I’m directing and starring in.

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At 12:46 AM , Blogger FilmFan said...

Interview notes for Julie Delpy interview

How difficult was it to put the film together, because obviously you’re doing pretty much everything yourself?

Very hard, producer was really behind the film, believed in it, every day waiting for money, every day was news of like we didn’t get money from there…even though we didn’t have the money to finish the film we shot it and got the money afterwards

Cast a lot of friends and family – encouraged to improvise?

Originally yes, then no. We’re actors, we need scenes… Ended up with 110 pages of screenplay…few little chunks that are improvised but people don’t know because it seems more staged than the other stuff

2.40 - Goldberg fantastic, written for him? Well, he’s the sad clown, kind of thing, like the sadder he looks, the funnier it is and I wanted someone that looks funny when he gets upset… He resisted a lot of comedy… he was like ‘How could I be jealous of these guys?’

Known him for 10 years – didn’t go out for research purposes… Had a little thing when we first met but no.

04.20 - Favourite moment? I love the lunch, even though it was the hardest scene to shoot… covered like 12 angles…

06.00 - Well, I’ve argued a lot in my relationships…and I’ve witnessed a lot of arguments as well. Ooh, good line. The pathetic side of a writer…

06.20 - Much cut out? A few funny moments at the party.

07.20 - How many Polaroids? Only have one.

07.44 - Japanese war movie, won’t sell me the rights.

08.18 - I have The Countess. It’s about murder, cruelty and destruction…


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