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Interview with Rosamund Pike - April 16th, 2007

Promoting: Fracture
Venue: Dorchester Hotel
Interview type: One-on-one

ViewLondon (VL): How did you get involved with Fracture?

Rosamund Pike (RP): I’d just done Pride and Prejudice and I happened to be in L.A. so I auditioned for it and Greg (director Gregory Hoblit) really took up my cause for me with the studio. He really stuck by me and was very supportive. And I found out that I’d got it on the night we opened Pride and Prejudice in New York, so it was a fantastic night.

VL: The film’s a lot of fun and it looks fantastic, too. Was that part of the appeal?

RP: It’s just the kind of film I’ve always wanted to be in. It’s the the kind of film I love to see so I wanted to be in it. And Kramer Morgenthau is a genius cinematographer. I love it. Some people might think it’s a bit camp but I love all the shiny surfaces and the fact that you see the reflection in the blood and you see someone and then you realise it’s a mirror as he steps out and everything is reflective, you know, the floors, the walls, the glass.

VL: Gregory Hoblit has a reputation as a reliable thriller director. Had you seen any of his previous films?

RP: I’d seen Primal Fear but not Fallen. But it’s the kind of thing he does really, really well and he’s a total law junkie. He’s a lovely, lovely man, too. He gets this sort of twisted, creepy feel to his films and he couldn’t be a nicer man. It’s funny to be fascinated by the law and yet look for films that ultimately diminish your faith in the legal system.

VL: What was it like working with Ryan Gosling? He seems like he’d be a very serious actor on set.

RP: He is serious, I mean he takes it seriously and it does it quite alone, but by the end he trusted me and we got to work together. But that’s the thing, it’s so frustrating – you finally get into a rapport and you’re really creating something and then it has to end. But he had some fun with it too. We did this love scene that ended up being cut and he said, “Come on, Rosamund, we have to get down, we have to get sweaty” and I said, “Oh, I don’t think I’m going to get sweaty” and he goes, “No, no, with me, you have to get sweaty, come on, down, press-ups”. And I wasn’t going to be outdone by this bloke so we got down to do press-ups and it was very embarrassing, because by about three I was done and sort of falling on the floor. So then I realised that Evian spray is the way forward. You get just as sweaty and hopefully more elegantly so.

VL: Thanks very much, I’ll bear that in mind.

RP: (Laughs) Yes. If you want to ever go for the sweaty look, Evian spray is the way to go.

Note: I've posted notes for the interview in the comments section below.

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At 12:21 AM , Blogger FilmFan said...

Notes for Rosamund Pike interview

00:16 – plausible

Almost a child-like character, treats life as this big game, almost takes it too much at face value, just brilliant, Anthony Hopkins

01:12 - written for him

01:24 – Irish twang,

* 01:38 – How did you get involved in the film? (Up to 02.00) I auditioned for it in LA and (director) Greg really took up my cause for me with the studio. He really stuck by me and was very supportive. *

02.00 – sort of film she loves always wanted to be in

02.22 – looks amazing

02.45 – Hoblit

02.55 – Primal Fear – I’d seen Primal Fear. It’s just the sort of thing he does really, really well. Twisted, creepy feel to his films and he’s a lovely, lovely man.

04.32 – Did you see much of Anthony Hopkins during the shoot?

Unfortunately no, because we don’t have any scenes together.

05:40 – Do you have any Hopkins-related anecdotes?

Off the edge of the page and up the walls and round the mirror.

06.18 – I’d seen The Believer and The Notebook.

06.34 – By the end he kind of trusted me and we got to work together.

07.05 – Love scene that ended up getting cut. Press-ups. Evian spray.

08.50 – Character originally a stripper.

12.10 – Do you keep track of that sort of thing?

13.48 – My Sci-Fi – not a genre I really know anything about. I love space. The Right Stuff, biography of Yuri Gagarin.

14.29 – Gaslight. Fugitive Pieces. Do another film after that. Been offered another film and I mustn’t do it.


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